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Sassy Trading

Call Us: 813-591-0624


The Direct Connection Between Buyers and Sellers.

We have direct relationships with suppliers and buyers. We NEVER work with chains of people adding an unnecessary markup. Better for you, better for the transaction and ultimately, you get a better price.

Steven Rom, Sassy principal has been in the commodity arena for 35 plus years trading everything from, tea and coffee, to canned goods, rice and sugar to name a few.


Unique Financing Arrangements and Multi-Deal Transactions Are Routine.

The commodity business comes with its own unique hurdles and creativity helps tremendously.
We have vast experience in getting deals done, working with various financing sources including Letters of Credit or other financial instruments. We will even consider a barter trade.
Difficulty paying the "traditional" way? We can happily barter wheat, rice or coffee (that we can convert on the open commercial market) as a method of payment.


Shipping Services Are A Key Commodity.

We work with shipping agents for vessel owners, if you don’t want to arrange your own shipping, we can do it all for you. Entire vessel hire, too containers 20 & 40 ft, or refers (refrigerated) or even RoRo (Roll on Roll off for vehicles)


Management Team Leader

Steven Rom

Steven is a natural born trader. For the last 30+ years Steven has traded mainly in comestible (food) products. He learned very early on the only way to success in this international game was to surround himself with trusted and reliable partners.

With this philosophy, many large transactions have followed and in them all, Steven is the direct negotiator between the buyer & seller.

He cut his teeth in the market supplying 90,000kg of tea to the ex-Soviet Union, buyers with whom he had a direct relationship. He also had a strong relationship with the seller, Van Rees of Rotterdam.  All facets of the deal were handled, from product sourcing, receiving the Letter of Credit and transferring it to Van Rees.