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Sassy Trading

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Rice Import/Export

Rice is the predominant source of nourishment each day for more than 1.6 billion people around the world, from Asia to Latin America to Africa. First domesticated in India and Southeast Asia, people have been growing it for thousands of years. Research shows that Japan first began consuming rice around 100 BC. During Portuguese trade expeditions, it was brought to South America. Rice requires a warm, humid climate for survival and flourishes in floodplains. China, Indonesia, and India are the biggest cultivators. Today, rice makes up 16.5% of global caloric intake

Among the most famous varieties grown in Pakistan include the Basmati, known for its flavor and quality. Pakistan is a major producer of this variety.

For export Basmati & IRRI 6 are exported. Basmati being the Queen of rice. IRRI 6 is widely exported due to price playing a key factor.

IRRI-6 is a non-basmati but white long grain rice but is shorter in length and width comparing to IRRI 9 Rice. This variety is cultivated in Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. IRRI-6 Rice Varity is exported to Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East and is non-aromatic rice.


A Thirty-Year Relationship That Builds Trust and Value For Our Customers.

Having a 30-plus-year relationship pays huge dividends in the commodity business and especially in Rice. Knowing the same Rice milling family in Pakistan for decades, builds enormous trust, that you just can’t buy !

We recently sent one of our directors to visit with the mill to break bread and further our relationship of more than 30 years. Not only will we have SGS Certification inspection certificates, but we also do our own factory visits when required.

A few facts for you:

In 2020 Pakistan exported $2.1 billion of rice. Making them the third largest exporter after India & Thailand. Believe it or not a lot of this was sold to China, who is the worlds number one grower & consumer. In perspective China consumes 149 Million tons as of 2020.

Pakistan produces 7.5 million + – tons annually and is ranked the 10th largest producer in 2019

Rice is the second most consumed food globally.

If you are considering, purchasing rice, then please let us have your firm enquiry, all matters are held in the strictest confidence.

Certified Paperwork For Professional Results.

When you purchase through us, we are very diligent to supply you with paperwork that is needed, the World recognized Certification from SGS for quality & weight.

(buyer & seller info redacted for confidentiality)